according to the Renewabie Energy Directive (RED) (DIRECTIVE 2009/28/EC of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT and of THE COUNCIL of 23 April 2009 on the promotion of the use of energy from renewabie sources)
Certificate Number: EU-ISCC-Cert-PL213-90150146 DEKRA Certification Sp. z o.o. Pl. Solny 20; 50-063 Wrocław certifies that

PETROLCHEM Trading Sp. z o.o. PL- 87-162 Lubicz, ul. Widokowa 28
complies with the requirements of the RED and the certification system ISCC EU (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) which is approved by the European Commission. This certiticałe is valid from 16-06-2015 to 15-06-2016 The certified site of the system user is a (type of operation): trader

Petrolchem Trading Ltd.

Petrolchem Trading Ltd. is a competent  partner . We can proudly say that we have acknowledged chemical and petrochemical markets of Russian Federation, former Soviet Union republics, Romania and Bulgaria.Petrolchem Trading elasctically adjusts to chemical producers as well as to medium-sized companies and industrial users from different branches such as production, construction, service and trade.

The extensive assortment consists of a wide range of solid, fluid, organic and inorganic chemicals.Supplementing these, Petrolchem Trading offers massive variety of chemical mixtures and blends to fulfill customer´s individual needs.